When You’re In Charge As The School Prefect?

Being the prefect in charge would mean that you would be having one too many responsibilities on your head. One of which would be to keep an eye on the school hallways and making sure that everyone comes in the right attire to class each morning and not to forget, that they come on time – it is safe to say that everything would end up being a little more than exhausting. You would not be making too many friends, as you would be constantly advising and asking different students to fix up their acts, on top of all this, you would also be the person who should be ensuring that the school building is in order and not falling apart.

There will be the problems

Well there will be the problem of the occasional student complaining of seeing a rat in the school bathroom or a cockroach on the third floor, and unfortunately for you – it would be your call to check up on things and make the smart move of calling the cockroach control company and having that sorted out. Everything needs to be taken care of as soon as they come up in order for you to have a free mind and go on about doing your other daily works. The teachers might often point fingers at you if the troubles are not taken care of on time, which would be why it is the best decision to simply call qualified professionals to take care of certain matters that you feel are out of your range of capabilities.

There will also be the answers

Not to worry, things will always have answers – even the ones that may seem a little more problematic than others. The answer would be to remain patient and find the required solutions at a comfortable pace. At some point you could even gather recommendations from the students as to what they believe could be done to help the situations at hand. Do not be afraid to pick up the phone and call the pest control company where needed and when to call the plumbers when the washroom pipelines explode in a fury. It would not certainly be pleasant to sit and let the problems pile up; therefore you must go out and fix things while you can.

Expect the troubles

The only way to really understand as to how things can be made out to be would be to simply understand that things could go from bad to worse in minutes while at the same time there will be the moments when things would not go bad at all. Rather than being a pessimist or even an optimist, be a realist and understand that there is a balance of things and not always would things go as planned.