Dubai: More Than Just A Business Hub:

Dubai is located in such a way that it becomes the best of both worlds; the city is located between East and West. One of the world’s best known business hubs. More than 6 million passengers transit through Dubai every year. This can frame a picture of the place being one of the busiest.

Why choose Dubai as your next holiday destination?

The winner of 2020 Expo is one of the number of achievements that the city can boast of. There are traders from every level. There are cheap stores to the largest shopping mall of the world. The shopping experience in Dubai is very interesting as the commodities are of wide range. Be it garment, ornaments, gold or spices. We easily can call the place a “One stop shop”.


There is a wide range of accommodation available in and around Dubai. The adjacent Emirates such as Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Fujairah, Um-Al-Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah and Ajman are 1 to 2 hours away from the base. Hotels Fujairah in all these cities have their authenticity. They cater to person earning a medium income to a high-end business man. This makes one to agree to the statement that “variety is spice of life”.

How easy to visit Dubai?

The easy few steps immigration process and number of flights that passes through the Dubai International Airport makes it hassle free for someone who wants to travel to this city. The Dubai based Emirates Airline which consist of about 245 aircraft, most of which are wide bodied and able to carry 500 plus passengers. The award winning world class carrier operates across the globe to about 139 passenger destinations.

Travel within Dubai:

The Metro, public busses, taxies, water planes, dedicated buses for city tours, tramps, the water buses and the open boat “abra” are means of transport that are available within the city.
Stealing a moment to be away:

If you are striking a business deal and has a busy calendar, then reserve a couple of days to visit the outskirts of Dubai for site seeing, the mountains, the deserts, the beaches, water sports, a ride on the world’s fastest Ferrari Roller Coaster. There are Best Hotel deals available across the country. 5-star properties are of luxurious facilities. A splendid spa, night clubs, fine dine with word-class cuisines, several swimming pools with bar, kid’s pools are some of the facilities on the list. There are affordable packages that covers the full range. Some packages include a cruise trip, a desert safari, jet skiing options, surfing on the waves, snorkelling etc. some accommodations are located in different islands

So, if you are interested in taking trip to Dubai; don’t think twice. You trip is going to be a worthwhile one and you will not regret.