What To Gift Someone Who Has Recently Converted To Islam

In our opinion, converting to any religion takes a lot of courage. And despite the fact that it is one of the fastest growing religions in the world, converting to Islam, particularly, can be very trying. Life as a new Muslim is bound to be hard; and it’s not only because you have to turn over a completely new leaf, or having to forget almost everything you have been taught and told since childhood. No, it’s because of all the hate towards Islam so freely seen and heard of now-a-days.
More often than not, new Muslims have to start off their journey alone, as their family, friends and even work colleagues wouldn’t understand or appreciate this new change in them. But despite all these, there are many newcomers to Islam every day. If you know of someone who has recently converted to Islam, and want to show them your support through gifts, but don’t really know what to gift them, then here are a few of our suggestions.
Prayer accessories.
Prayer is one of the most important parts of a Muslim’s life. It’s what connects you with god, what counts in the “here after”. If your friend is still learning to pray, then a book with instructions and illustrations on how to pray will be most useful—not to mention, a thoughtful gift. Along with this, you can also gift them a prayer dress. You can either get this tailored, or purchase it online, as most come in standard sizes. A prayer mat too can be included so it makes a complete set. This, of course, depends on you.
The little things that count.
Have you heard the saying that the little things count the most? It’s quite true, especially with religion. Like prayers, the remembrance of Allah, and the little supplications one does during mundane tasks are also highly recommended. Gifting your friend with Muslim prayer beads or a digital counter (the ring variety is one of our personal favorites) will aid them in this. Also, there are books of selected duas (supplications) that you can purchase online. Some of these books are those recommended for children; so they’ll be simple and straight forward.
A little alarm goes a long way.
This particular Ramadan gift is ideal for any Muslim friend. In the day to day haul and chaos, it’s very easy to get caught up with work and not pay attention to time. But time is something Muslims have to pay attention to, as each prayer has to be done within a particular time period. In order to make sure your friend doesn’t forget their prayers by not noticing time fly by, you can gift them with an Azaan clock. These call out the “call for prayer” just like they do at the mosques. Of course, this is not recommended for someone away from home at most times. You can, instead, get them an Azaan watch—which usually beeps the start of every prayer.