Advice For Moving Your Pets Abroad

Many of us who have pets would know how hard it is to leave them alone even for a day. They are usually as much a part of your family as your siblings. Even when you entrust them to a friend you will constantly worry how the pet will respond to your absence. So what do you do when you need to go abroad? If you decide to take them abroad with you it will involve lengthy paperwork and a costly procedure. On the other hand leaving them behind will be heartbreaking and finding a good home can be difficult. Given below are a few lines along which you can think before you make your final decision.

Consider the time span of your trip abroad

If you are planning on migrating, then all the time you spend on the cumbersome procedure will be worth it. You will have your pet with you, which will probably be in the best interest of your pet, and it will be nice to have a familiar companion in an unfamiliar land. However, if you will only be gone for a short while then a better option might be to leave it in an animal shelter or entrust it to family or friends.

How will your pet cope with air travel?

Travelling in a confined space might not always agree with your furry or feathery friend. In this case you should consult professional pet transportation services about potential problems that may occur and what you could do about them. Tossing in a few familiar toys and a few of your old clothes will give your pet some sense of familiarity. Sedation should always be the last resort.

Talk to a vet who is well-versed on this subject. They might save you a lot of trouble.

Is your pet allowed in the countries included in your itinerary?

Each country has their own policies about the animals they allow to be imported. Visit a consulate to know the exact requirements of importing pets to their respective country. Certain animals are not allowed in some countries.

Vaccination and quarantine

There are a stringent set of regulations regarding vaccinations and quarantine of animals to be imported. In this case proper timing is crucial to avoid delays and a ton of unforeseen expenses. Animals need to be vaccinated at specified time intervals prior to departure. Periods of quarantine can vary up to 6 months. Quarantine may be required for animals returning to their home country too.

Choose pet friendly airlines

Check with international moving services that specialize in international transport of animals. They can recommend suitable airlines.

After all the research if you are still in a dilemma try to think of how you would want your pet to feel. Maybe that would give you a better perspective of the situation.