Types Of Vending Machines

When you say the word vending machine, what most people think about instantly is a soda and snack vending machine Dubai. Well it can be justified since those are the most common machines that could be seen around you; however there are many more types of vending machines used at various locations, at various situations. So here are some of them below.

1. Candy and soda vending machines

As said above, this is the most obvious example that comes to your mind when it comes to vending machines. These are the regular machines that provide snacks, candy and soda. They can be found at malls, schools, hospitals, train and bus stations, offices and almost any public place. There also are mini vending machines that offer a specific type of food such as chocolates, hard candies, gumballs or even candies with toys.

2. Coffee and tea

You can obtain freshly brewed coffee, hot chocolate and tea from these machines. A coffee machine allows the customer to choose any type of tea or coffee according to their preference with various options such as hot, cold, with milk, cream, sugar etc. For people who’d like less sugar due to medical conditions, this would be a great help. These machines are ideal for offices, universities, hospitals etc.

3. Toiletries and medical supplies

These could be found in public bathrooms at the airport, bus and train station, restaurants, clubs etc. These provide face cloths, tissue packets, sanitary napkins, tampons and even toothbrushes and toothpaste. At airports, sometimes deodorant and body spray may be available to refresh yourself after a long trip. You can also get mild medical supplies such as aspirin, plasters etc.

4. Office supplies

These are commonly seen in schools, libraries, universities and career centres where stationery will be mostly needed. These will hold pens, pencils, paper, notepads along with all other stationery and also sometimes mailing products such as envelopes and stamps are also available. Just imagine yourself in a situation where you are just about to go for an exam and forgot to bring your ruler. These will then come to your rescue. Vending machines are not that difficult to get nowadays. You can get used vending machines for very low prices.

Vending machines are very useful at public places since they eliminate the need of shops at busy locations. It is very easy to obtain what you want since it’s just a matter of feeding a few coins. Also these machines are available 24 hours, 7 days a week so how much easier can it get? Hence if you are planning to get a vending machine to your office or school, do get one for sure.