Are You Considering A Career In Property Surveying?

Property surveying has always been one of those professions that are in high demand with great benefits and good career prospects as well. It is a great career option if you enjoy working with details and have a keen interest in building design and construction. Property surveyors also provide professional advice on property value and building maintenance on new or historic buildings.

What Are The Educational Requirements?

A degree in building surveying or a degree related to building and construction that is accredited by RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) can be an ideal pathway to a career in property surveying. However, a graduate can take any degrees accredited by RICS and technical HND courses can help you gain an entry level position in this profession. A Masters qualification or a RICS accredited degree needs to be completed first and then then a training scheme known as the Assessment of Professional Competence (APC) will be necessary to become a chartered surveyor.

Key Skills and Responsibilities

Providing property valuation or even asset valuation services are some of the main job responsibilities as well, and some property surveyors even work as consultants at private firms. Mathematical, analytical and management skills are ideal for this profession – you will also deal with managing client property as well as dealing with clients on a regular basis. You will gain more experience and skills during the training period while dealing with qualified professionals. Some other vital skills include good communication, technical and commercial knowledge as well.

The Work Environment – What To Expect

CPD or continuing professional development is a vital part of being a surveyor as being updated on new standards will be put into practice with constant development. If machinery and equipment valuation is a part of your job, you will have to remain constantly updated with new policies and technical developments. While you might have a sound educational background, you will gain more insight while working and handling clients as well. You will also have to visit work or constructions sites or even travel when required depending on the job.

Further Information

Being a property surveyor will require a great deal of hard work and dedication, with years of qualification that will be necessary to advance in this career. You can even choose your area of specialisation to become an expert in a particular or rise up further into important managerial roles. There is room for advancement in this career field especially when it comes to technical and managerial roles where you can work in the private or public even or even start your own consultation business once fully established.