Things To Know About Getting A License To Practice Medicine In Dubai

Getting a license is a lot of work, no matter which part of the world you are from. The procedure involves a lot of steps and this is this is the same even in Dubai. The procedures themselves are not that complicated after all it is just four steps. However the way the four steps are carried out and all the in between things would make you want to pull your hair out and cry into the night.
So let me tell you a bit about how the process works. In Dubai, no matter where you got your original license from you need to get one again. This of course allows standardization in the way the medical practitioners practice and would reduce discrimination and other problems. So the license is necessary and this cannot be refuted by anyone. The process itself in theory is not complicated.
It requires you to pay a nominal fee and undergo training. The training is done by licensed and experienced medical practitioners so you can gain a lot of valuable knowledge and skills. Once the training is completed, you have to face an exam. The exam would test your skills and knowledge in Medicine. If you pass the exam you can get approved by the ministry and then voila you have your license. The license can be obtained from three authorities; the Ministry of health, The Health Authority of Abu Dhabi and the Dubai Health Authority. However the thing about health authority licensing is that there will be waiting periods in between each stage so do not expect to get everything over within a week; it is not going to happen.
Remember I told you things get a bit complicated, well here it is. You need to get a specific license according to your rank in occupation. So if you are an intern you have to get a license specifically for interns. If you are a consultant then you get a license for consultants and so on. This is of course regular practice in many countries however the same applies to those who specialize in Ayurveda in traditional Chinese Medicine, even they have to get specific licenses.
So in case you believe you need assistance to sort the process out, you can choose to consult with a company that specializes in pro service. They would inform you about relevant documents and would help you to get your license in a legal manner. So do not worry about police busting you afterwards.
Ultimately the license is highly beneficial. Regardless of which authority you get your license from, you can practice in any emirate and if you live abroad you can even apply for it online. So go ahead and get your license because well you need it and you can improve on your skills.