What To Gift Someone Who Has Recently Converted To Islam

In our opinion, converting to any religion takes a lot of courage. And despite the fact that it is one of the fastest growing religions in the world, converting to Islam, particularly, can be very trying. Life as a new Muslim is bound to be hard; and it’s not only because you have to turn over a completely new leaf, or having to forget almost everything you have been taught and told since childhood. No, it’s because of all the hate towards Islam so freely seen and heard of now-a-days.
More often than not, new Muslims have to start off their journey alone, as their family, friends and even work colleagues wouldn’t understand or appreciate this new change in them. But despite all these, there are many newcomers to Islam every day. If you know of someone who has recently converted to Islam, and want to show them your support through gifts, but don’t really know what to gift them, then here are a few of our suggestions.
Prayer accessories.
Prayer is one of the most important parts of a Muslim’s life. It’s what connects you with god, what counts in the “here after”. If your friend is still learning to pray, then a book with instructions and illustrations on how to pray will be most useful—not to mention, a thoughtful gift. Along with this, you can also gift them a prayer dress. You can either get this tailored, or purchase it online, as most come in standard sizes. A prayer mat too can be included so it makes a complete set. This, of course, depends on you.
The little things that count.
Have you heard the saying that the little things count the most? It’s quite true, especially with religion. Like prayers, the remembrance of Allah, and the little supplications one does during mundane tasks are also highly recommended. Gifting your friend with Muslim prayer beads or a digital counter (the ring variety is one of our personal favorites) will aid them in this. Also, there are books of selected duas (supplications) that you can purchase online. Some of these books are those recommended for children; so they’ll be simple and straight forward.
A little alarm goes a long way.
This particular Ramadan gift is ideal for any Muslim friend. In the day to day haul and chaos, it’s very easy to get caught up with work and not pay attention to time. But time is something Muslims have to pay attention to, as each prayer has to be done within a particular time period. In order to make sure your friend doesn’t forget their prayers by not noticing time fly by, you can gift them with an Azaan clock. These call out the “call for prayer” just like they do at the mosques. Of course, this is not recommended for someone away from home at most times. You can, instead, get them an Azaan watch—which usually beeps the start of every prayer.

Investing In Real Property

In a fast-paced world focused on a fluctuation economy and the high cost of living, money has become an extremely important factor in each individual’s day to-day life. From simple costs such as purchasing your morning coffee to substantial costs such as investing in the stock market, the current world sees the exchanged of money for goods and services several times a day, each day. Although money has indeed made life easier in terms of the convenience of currency as opposed to systems such as the barter system, it has also led to the growth of its own fair share of issues and concerns, mostly in terms of the distribution of wealth.

When it comes to choosing where to invest your hard-earned money, most individuals choose to opt for real property. This may include land or homes, or lands with homes both bought together.

Investing in land, especially in the modern world, is seen as a sound investment. The fact that the commodity of land is never ‘lost’, and the fact that the demand for land continues to increase, fuelled by the staggering increase in global population rates, has led more and more people to seek out investing in land and real property.

This has become a strenuous period for land authorities, for example, the Dubai land department property registration sector, where the number of properties being newly registered or transferring hands has become an increasing phenomena. Especially in the Middle East, more and more investors and businesses, mostly real estate companies, are choosing to arrive and invest in developments such as hotels, resorts, as well as businesses in engineering, aviation, and crude oil, and the demand for land has escalated as a result. Such rise in foreign investment has also led to governments incorporating careful legislation to ensure that the local people too, benefit from such endeavors.

Real estate registration Dubai measures and guidelines are one way in which governments prevent exploitation and unfair rates. These measures also allow the state to monitor the activities of developers, to ensure environmental friendly and sustainable methods are used, as well as examining whether local labor is given an opportunity to flourish through its employment.

While real property investment can in fact assist in to developing of communities and even nations, it is important to not get ahead of one’s self, so to speak, when investing in such property. While it is a lucrative market, it is crucial to balance out one’s investments and prospective investments with one’s other financial costs, to make certain that one does not face mounting debt and other similar difficulties. What To Know When Buying Land

Money, in the current world, is certainly a motivating force. Be it large conglomerates or start-up entrepreneurs, the appeal of money and the comfortable life that it can bring has given rise to an industrious society, where one’s skills and talents as well as hard work is used to the optimum level in order to achieve one’s ultimate goal of financial stability.

Planning A Wedding At Home

Weddings are an exciting time and planning one is more so. Every bride has her own dream wedding all planned out for since the age she was ten and now that the day is finally here, it is time to see what items of that dream wedding can be made a reality. Quite obviously the unicorns and the white fairies throwing rose petals will not happen, but the other things, a big fluffy dress, the flower garlands and the white spindly chairs can be a reality. However, most of us are constricted by our budgets and in this economy, throwing a big wedding at a fancy hotel is not an option. Sometimes, the best weddings are done at home, in the garden and in the house. Here are a few tips to turning your home into the perfect wedding reception.

The cleaning

First off, the cleaning process. We tend to collect quite a few unnecessary items through the years and the first thing to do, is to throw it all out. Remove or put in storage all the extra pieces of furniture and ornaments you do not need. Even hiring one of the many home maintenance companies in Dubai to help clean it up will be a good idea if you cannot handle the load alone. Next is to remember that there will be people walking all over your house on that day and so to try to keep a few rooms private, maybe on the upper floors, and to open the rest out without boundaries, give clear access to the washrooms especially. This will give the crowd enough room to enjoy on the ground floor without having the need to go up to the second.

The Garden

If you are planning on having the ceremony in the garden, you will need to plan the layout early on and to grow the plants accordingly. The services of landscape companies Dubai will come in handy on this accord and will guide you on how to grow and where to grow what. If the wedding is in summer, the flowers in the garden can become your decorations, so remember to plant it in the color theme that you want for your wedding.

Once the cleaning out is done, the next is the decorations and this is a job for the whole family, including the extended family. Hiring a wedding decorations firm is no fun. Google up some decorations and get the whole family involved in making it. Tying things up in lace and ribbons have proven to be extremely effective in wedding decorations.