A Guide To Keeping Your Dormitory Room Organized

Your dorm is the place where you will be spending the majority of your time at university. Therefore, it is important to organize and maintain it in a manner that helps you feel comfortable and aids you to study with a peace of mind. The following factors are useful in understanding how.

Adequate space

It is important that you arrange all items in a way that there is enough space to move around. One method to achieve this is by getting rid of unnecessary items and avoid hoarding of things. A room with a good amount of space makes it took neat and clean. Have goods and items that are only essential for staying at the university. For example, have furniture such as a study desk and a chair and avoid purchasing extra couches or tables.

A tidy bed

Your bed is one item in your dorm that takes up most of the space. It also compliments the rest of the room with regard to factors such as colour and contrast. Choose a colourful and comfortable bedspread for your bed which would add beauty to your dorm room as a whole. Stores which have student bedding essentials are highly useful for this purpose and give you the chance to choose which one suits your room the best.

Allocate room for each purpose

It is indeed a fact that your dorm will not be as spacious as your own house. Yet, is it possible for you organize it in a manner to make your tasks easier every day. Allocate a certain amount of space for each purpose and task such as studying, storing your clothes and cooking. A study table and a chair are sufficient for studying purpose. In terms of cooking, you have the choice of purchasing one of the kitchen packs for students starting university that has all essential items required for this purpose.


Adding a sense of colour, style and warmth to your dorm room would not do any harm. Instead, it will make the room look more attractive and eye-catching. You can have photos of your friends and family up on your wall in a unique manner. It not only expresses your creativity but also personalizes your room. Other ideas include having string lights with colourful lighting and flower pots or a mini aquarium.

Thus, these ideas can be useful in making your university life more pleasant and efficient. It will also avoid you from feeling the lack of warmth and comfort back at home.

Renewal Of Standards And Adopting Them

Almost all of the standards put forth by the International Standardization Organization are subjected to changes over time. Such changes are published to the media, producers and consumers after a long and careful process of reevaluating the standards. After such a case of a changed standard, businesses are encouraged to renew their certifications, mainly through training programmes.
Obtaining a Certification
After a renewal of a certification, obtaining the newest version of it is a must as a business because if a business fails to do so, the demand for their products, their hold on the global or local market and the trust the consumers have on them could gradually diminish and would ultimately lead them to nonexistence. For instance, gaining ISO 22301 Standard through an ISO 22301 training programme is a must, as it replaced the BS25999 Standard. Such a training programme will never be a waste of one’s time as it helps in minimizing risks in a case of a business failure, enhancing the capability of the company thereby boosting the brand name and even reducing costs as the programme trains individuals to act rationally in disruptive situations.
Train with Care
When choosing a training programme for either a renewal of a certification or merely for garnering experience, one must not dive head on recklessly, for there are many courses designed to serve different purposes and when choosing, one must always go for the right one. For instance, for the ISO 22301 Standard, Appreciation and Interpretation courses, Internal Auditor courses and Lead Auditor courses are duly provided for those who need them.
The International Standardization Organization renews most standards every five years bringing consumers the best goods and services available in the market. One such renewed standard is the ISO 14001 2015. The finalized version of this standard was published in September 2015 and the ISO has given business organizations three years to transit to the new standard, therefore they can choose to gain this certification at any point before the time period runs out. Many institutes offer transition planning and facilitation workshops so that business organizations can transit with no hassle.
Be Up-To-Date With Changes
Always being updated about changes of a standard is a must as it helps you to provide consumers with the best you can produce! For instance, the addition of the Annex SL and the incorporation of the EMS into the proceedings of the organization are vital changes in the aforementioned standard.
Being informed about the renewal of a standard and obtaining it, is always the responsibility of the business organization.